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Beach Resort in Pondicherry

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Where should you go for your family vacation in Pondicherry? Are you looking to relax by the sea in the beach resorts in Pondicherry? Ocean Spray is at the heart of unique natural surroundings, held in high acclaim for its gorgeously landscaped pools and gardens with proximity to the Bay of Bengal. Often described as a paradise, this majestic hotel Ocean Spray is popular with travellers looking for a relaxing beach vacation.

The ravishing getaway is at the height of seaside sophistication with outstanding seafood dining and refreshing moments at the centrepiece lagoon pool. This exotic destination is designed for those looking to strike a perfect balance between rest, business, well-being and experiencing sophistication. As soon as you enter this resort, you will experience this distinctive feel that fuses contrasting sensations, immersing you in a sublime tranquil realm that transcends the aesthetics of the design.

Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, this lushly landscaped property minimalist in design with modern architecture seamlessly melds with lush green grounds to provide a serene retreat and spectacular views. Ocean Spray works with best architects, hotel designers and interior decorators to bring the hotel`s personal story to life. Experience pure indulgence in their 72 guest rooms and 28 villas which showcase contemporary and creative design, elegantly combined with a classic Indian aesthetic and the sophistication of European decor.

Inspired by a unique sense of style, this Pondy Resort offers luxurious accommodations to suit the needs of your family. It features high- quality rooms and suites with private swimming pools providing sophisticated accommodation services for you to relax in serenity. True to its promise and vision, absolute comfort and elegance are the guiding principles of Ocean Spray. The luxuriously decorated suites offer soft bed and linen designed exclusively to provide plush comfort and support that transforms every night into a truly magnificent sleeping experience.

The gorgeous grounds include a stunning 12 000 sq ft swimming pool, Lilaea, the largest in Southern India. Bask in the sun and enjoy the sounds of refreshing ocean tides from the loungers and chairs provided for your comfort and leisure. Dedicated to the art of wellness, the hotel offers services for relaxation, rejuvenation, health and well-being. Discover a magnificent collection of therapeutic body treatments and soothing therapies with the finest names in personal care at the Elysium Spa.

The gastronomic delights of accomplished and innovative chefs elegantly transform meals into inspiring journeys and exciting culinary art at the Amber. The chefs at Lotosas create enticing fusion dining that is enriched and enhanced by unique aromas, textures, flavours and culinary secrets in their char grilled seafood, stir fried dishes, smoked meat and tandoori delicacies. Indulge in a delectable meal by a Ocean Spray chef for an unforgettable gastronomic experience with classic mouth watering pastries, sandwiches, baked cookies complemented by impeccable service at the Tea Lounge.

The dedicated staff at Ocean Spray do everything in their power to make sure their guest`s stay is truly magnificent being inspired by hospitality excellence and flawless, personalized service. This luxury beach resort in Pondicherry is ideal for business, leisure or family fun which welcomes patrons to discover its luxury offerings for a memorable holiday. Its aim is to provide the best hotel and resort experiences customized to the guests unique desires and needs.

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