1Mid Bay at Ocean Spray, Pondicherry


1Mid Bay at Ocean Spray, Pondicherry

They say marriages are made in heaven.

We say they are performed with grace and style at Ocean Spray in Pondicherry.

Ocean Spray offers, a one of its kind venues – Mid Bay – by the swimming pool, ably complemented by the Amphitheatre accommodating 200 well-wishers and friends comfortably. This singularly distinguished venue is the perfect spot where weddings can be solemnized in the presence and blessings of all 5 elements of our magnificent universe – earth, water, sky, wind and fire.

The Mid Bay and Amphitheatre is flanked on either side by our verdant lawns – Lilaea North and Lilaea South which can facilitate accommodating another 200-250 people for large size weddings.

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