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The Pondicherry Connection

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As far as colonies are epitomized, Pondicherry was not entirely a triumphant story. Immediately after its establishment by the French on the Bay of Bengal in 1674, it was apprehended by the Dutch, reclaimed by its founders, then looted and demolished by the British. Despite its limitless potential and the constant rebuilding by the French, Pondicherry never became more than a layover on the way to Indochina. Even after Pondy, the preferred nickname for Pondicherry joined the likes of India in 1956 – it dwindled, out of form with the remainder of the sub-continent. To reiterate, Pondy, for the substantial part of its history, was constantly in decline.

That trend however has changed drastically in the recent past. Today, Puducherry, as it is officially acknowledged but seldom called, is taking advantage of a revolutionized rendition of that history, and materializing as a self-conscious, design-savvy haven sporting a pseudo-Gallic attitude towards eating, drinking, shopping and unwinding. It’s like using a French lens to visualize India or maybe vice versa.

The tiny Union territory of Pondicherry is nestled on the south-eastern coast of the Indian subcontinent, about 151 kilometres south of Chennai. Just about a million people adorn this French inspired colony. The coastal enclosures of Pondicherry are picturesque and drastically changes in appearance as you move outwards from the center. Soon you see tile roofs and wooden shutters, balconies and colonnades, wide brick streets and pastel Catholic churches — the neighbourhood once known as the Ville Blanche, or White Town, where the colonists lived.

In addition to all that Pondicherry stands for, it also is the abode of a wonder known as the Ocean Spray luxury beach resort. Standing high and mighty, this premier 5-star hotel in Pondicherry redefines luxury and is regarded widely as the epitome of idyllic opulence.

This luxury beach resort in Pondicherry is built comprehensively around the embracing trance of a 5-acre man-made lake. Situated adjacent State Highway 49, this extravagant Ocean Spray is a stone’s throw away from the Bay of Bengal shoreline and 16.8 kilometres from the Pondicherry Airport. Spanning across an astonishing 23 acres, the best place to stay in Pondicherry is unrivalled and unsurpassed.

  • The ocean Spray urban wonder comes equipped with opulent rooms and splendid villas under the umbrella of top-notch amenities and impeccable services.

  • Ocean Spray comes equipped with two of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Pondicherry, Amber, and Lotosas.

  • Ocean Spray also boasts of the Mid Bay Amphitheatre in addition to their ostentatious Tudor Hall and Trafalgar Square.

  • Ocean Spray’s Elysium Spa offers its guests a myriad of beautifully appointed treatment rooms, complete with ensuite baths, multifarious treatment packages, and experienced massage therapists.

Pondicherry is a corner of India that is forever France. And in this French inspired union territory of India nestles the beautiful Ocean Spray retreat. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, fix your itinerary and embark on the journey of your lifetime only to Ocean Spray.

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