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(Multi Cuisine Restaurant)


The walls are inspired by translucent amber and the decor in sunset colours is cheerful! For those in a rush and people on the move, Amber coffee shop offers a buffet service for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Variety is synonymous with Amber. Breakfast choices range from hearty South Indian fare to Continental options. Buffet tables heave with appetizers, salads, Indian delicacies, fusion and global cuisine from Mediterranean and Italian to Oriental. A meal at Amber ends on a sweet note, with an irresistible array of fine desserts. The Resort’s multi-cuisine and flagship restaurant, Amber reflects the mystique and the myriad translucent hues of amber. Roughly hewn stone walls complement the rustic wooden flooring. Light-weight furniture, the glimmer of diffused lighting, wooden shutters and criss-cross wooden beams on the ceiling add warmth and charm to the décor. The choice of sun-drenched colours from ochre and coral to tangerine and canary yellow add a large dollop of cheer to the decor.

Located adjacent to the lobby, Amber is accessible, hard to miss and the Resort’s signature restaurant. It offers delightful indoor and outdoor seating, whilst oversized windows let in slivers of sunlight along with a dazzling view. For those in a rush and people on the go, Amber offers a buffet service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests with time on hand can linger over a la carte choices.Open 7 days a week, Amber is renowned for its extensive menu, culinary excellence and casual ambience.

Variety is synonymous with Amber and it has remained a popular choice with our guests. Breakfast choices range from hearty South Indian fare to Continental options. Buffet tables heave all day with tempting appetizers, crunchy salads and Indian delicacies. Amber also plays host to fusion and global cuisine ranging from pan- Indian to South Indian and Oriental as well as Continental, Mediterranean and Italian. A meal at Amber ends on a sweet note, with an irresistible array of fine desserts.

Savour authentic local fare prepared from the freshest ingredients and the catch of the day. South Indian cuisine is distinguished by its pungent, spicy and tangy dishes flavoured with dry red chillies, coconut, curry leaf, tamarind paste and hand-pounded spices like nutmeg, cardamom and pepper. Amber offers a variety of creamy coconut based gravies, tangy curries lovingly simmered, vegetables tossed with nuts, whole pulses or shredded coconut, crisp dosas, a variety of chutneys and lots more.

The pan-Indian menu offers a sumptuous culinary journey and a fragrant melange of flavours from across India. These range from lentils tempered with aromatic whole spices, marinated meats grilled to perfection in the tandoor, succulent kebabs, kathi rolls or wraps and cottage cheese cubes crafted into edible poetry with creamy sauces, saffron strands or a hint of mint. Accompaniments like flaky parathas, hot rotis and soft naans smeared with butter, complete the meal.

For lovers of Continental cuisine, the restaurant offers hearty soups, tempting appetizers and wholesome dishes for the main course. Seasoned and marinated meats are smothered in sauces, flavoured with condiments and served with substantial accompaniments. Cheesy baked dishes vie for attention with tossed garden-fresh vegetables and crunchy salads. Amber offers a selection of grilled seafood, meat and poultry infused with fragrant herbs and drizzled with select sauces or lemon juice.

The menu at Amber offers exotic Mediterranean and Italian fare, the essence of which lies in its simplicity and the use of fresh ingredients. Nature’s bounty, the seasonal vegetables are tossed in olive oil. Delicately flavoured soups, Al dente pastas, risottos, and succulent meats with tempting sauces recreate the Italian passion for good food. The selection is only rivalled by the in-house thin crust pizzas smothered with a variety of mouth-watering toppings under a veil of cheese.

The chef at Amber is equally at ease rustling up classic Oriental favourites with refined flavours and rich textures, showcasing a tempting selection. These pleasurable delicacies will take you on a culinary journey across South-East Asia and China. Wok tossed vegetables vie for attention with stir-fried dishes generously seasoned with slivered ginger, garlic pearls, sesame seeds, lemon grass and chillies. Threaded noodles, fried rice and steamed rice form the ideal accompaniments to soy or oyster flavoured saucy gravies.

Amber offers a Kids’ Menu with smaller portions and tailor-made for tots and teens. All-time favourites include lamb burger, sandwiches, fried chicken strips, onion rings, hot dogs, chilled smoothies, milkshakes and floats. Gooey brownies and sinful hot chocolate fudge sundae are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The restaurant offers infinite choices of desserts from decadent chocolate mousse, ice-creams and fresh fruit platters to Indian options like rasmalai and shahi tukda.

In a modern spin on casual dining, Amber also offers nutritious Wellness Meals with fresh and organic components to discerning diners. The chef lends his light touch to rustling up a Wellness Cuisine menu: he takes a leaf from the freshest salad, soups up flavoured broths and whips up a meal with your wellbeing in mind. From char-grilled meats with a hint of herbs to a selection of organic vegetables or poached fish steeped in broth. Enjoy a power-breakfast, a brisk brunch or a sumptuous guilt-free meal! Amber is all about a delectable journey where guests can sample and relish an infinite assortment of good food in a comfortable ambience. It offers nothing but the best.

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